SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers up to 245 kV
36 kV Indoor SF6 GCB
36 kV Outdoor GCB
72.5 kV Outdoor GCB
145 KV Outdoor GCB
170 kV Outdoor GCB
245 kV Outdoor GCB
Instrument Transformers
Current Transformers
Inductive Voltage Transformers
Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVT)
Medium Voltage Current & Voltage Transformers
Surge Arrestors up to 420 kV (ZnO Porceline)
ZnO Porcelain clad ZLA2
ZnO Porcelain Clad ZLA3
ZnO Porcelain Clad Normal Duty ZYPD
ZnO Porcelain Clad Heavy Duty ZPR1
Horizontal Centre Break
Horizontal Double Break
Single & Three Phase enclosed compact GIS
Enclosed Compact GIS