CG enters into agreement with Manitoba State on development of cutting edge Transmission and Generation Technologies


Innovation Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak stated :


“This MOU creates an opportunity for CG and the province to test, demonstrate and further develop a variety of cutting-edge technologies in Manitoba for sale into the North American market.  We’ll also help facilitate partnerships with other local Manitoba companies, academic institutions and CG, as these technologies are refined and manufactured in Manitoba,” said Chomiak.  “We’re at a very critical time when it comes to improving the reliability of our electrical grid system and meeting export contracts.  We’re pleased that CG is working to be a part of this bright future.”


“CG is very proud of this collaborative agreement signed with Manitoba state. It opens a new era for CG in Manitoba.  CG has been producing and innovating in Manitoba since 1946. This agreement will allow to accelerate not only our R&D activities in critical areas such as the Extra High Voltage Transmission technologies and the smart grid, but will also allow the training and development of a highly skilled workforce in the province” said Laurent Demortier, chief executive officer and managing director of CG.


The green energy sector is one of the fastest growing sectors and CG is positioning itself to become a global leader in green energy transmission and energy distribution.


Manitoba is a Canadian province and Winipeg is the capital and largest city of this province with a population of 1,208,268. Manitoba is a USD 42 bn highly diversified economy.