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Customers tell their stories !

Customers around the world have saved energy, maintenance and downtime costs by controlling their electric motors with CG Drives & Automation products. Read their stories !



Saving energy and equipment
This sewage treatment plant uses Emotron AC drives and softstarters to control pumps, blowers and mixers, and shaft power monitors to protect sludge scrapers and screw conveyors. The result is more reliable control and energy and maintenance savings.

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Great energy savings from speed control
This process industry saves 25,000 euros each year by speed controlling one of its fans. Emotron AC drives are used in several electric motor drives, including pumps, fans, mixers, mills and centrifuges. Major benefits are energy savings and a reduced wear.

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Increased operational efficiency
When this sawmill invested in a new debarking line, Emotron products were chosen to control and monitor the heavier operations. Reliable operation, short braking times and a high level of user-friendliness are considered the greatest benefits.

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Pumping twice the amount while saving energy
When the process control of this pumping station was automated, an Emotron AC drive for 690 V was part of a solution. The customer now benefits from double the pumping capacity, energy savings, improved user-friendliness and low harmonic distortions.

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Simplified fan control and lower costs
The installation of Emotron AC drives in the grain handling of this food and agricultural industry, resulted in simplified control and reduced operating costs. Demands were high for both product performance and service level when choosing a supplier.

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 Synchronized crane wheels reduce wear
The retrofit of this portal crane involved replacing the controls as well as the drive motors. Emotron provided a complete solution which requires less maintenance thanks to minimal wheel wear.

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Energy-efficient centrifuges
When this treatment plant invested in new decanter centrifuges for dewatering sludge, Emotron AC drives were chosen for control. The energy generated by the braking motor is now re-used by the driving motor.

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Top level lift control via a 220 metre cable
One of the difficulties when modernizing this lift was the 220 metre cable connecting the motor and the converter. What’s more, the client wished to keep the original DC motor. The lift is now up and running, taking visitors up the tower for a dizzying view.

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