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Industrial Systems

CG’s Industrial Systems is engaged in the business of power conversion equipment a wider spectrum of High and Low Voltage rotating machines (motors and alternators), stampings, as well as railway transportation and signalling products. Industrial Systems is largely India focused with a very strong market presence and market leadership position in many segments. It also caters to foreign markets through its facilities in Hungary and exports. Its product portfolio includes motors and generators ranging from 100W to 100MW. CG enjoys a market leadership for AC Motors and the second position in AC Generators and DC Motors in India. CG is the largest manufacturer of Low Tension motors in India offering a range of AC and DC motors, ranging from 0.18kW to 450kW in various standard and customized configurations to respond to the exacting demands of the industry. To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the latest designs have been incorporated for its range of product offerings, to achieve better performance as well as versatility in mechanical features. The products of this business have received many international certifications including CSA, UL, CE and Flame Proof Gas Group IIA and IIB certifications. The customer emphasis for this business group has been the textile, cement, sponge iron and large steel plants sectors, which are growing segments

Motors; High / Low Voltage AC & DC Motors; High / Low Voltage AC & DC Railway Signalling & Coach Products Railway Signalling & Coach Products
Generators / Alternators; AC & DC Generators / Alternators; AC & DC  Drives & Automation Drives & Automation
 Traction Motors / Alternators / Control Electrics Traction Motors / Alternators / Control Electrics Stampings / Laminations Stampings / Laminations
FHP / Commercial Motors FHP / Commercial Motors  Services For Industrial Systems Services For Industrial Systems
 SCADA -Industrial & Railway Industrial & Railway SCADA  Traction Drives & Controls Traction Drives & Controls
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