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Application Specific Motors

We offer custom made motors to suit every existing and emerging application requirements in segments of domestic applications, farm equipments, medical & healthcare equipment, industrial and construction equipment

Motors are designed for specific applications in as per customer requirement by considering following major aspects

    • Load conditions :- Output, speed, duty cycle and Noise levels
  • Mounting / coupling requirements.
  • Field Conditions : - Supply conditions, temperature, humidity, vibration levels, dust / water Ingress etc.
Domestic Appliances: Motors are available for Washing machine, Air conditioners, Wet grinders, Air handling units, Domestic Grinders etc

Farm Equipments :
Motors are available for Chaff Cutters, Hullers, Poultry Fans, Winnowing Fans, Milking Machines, and Lawn Mowers etc

Medical & Healthcare : Motors are available for Surgical Pumps, X Ray Machines, Humidifier/De-Humidifiers, Treadmill etc

Industrial Equipments : Motors are available for Air Compressors, Fuel Dispensers, Gem/Diamond Polishing, Coir making, Conveyors, Exhaust Fans, Vacuum Pumps, and Wood Working Machinery etc.

Construction Equipments: Motors are available for Hoist, High Mast Applications, Floor Polishing Machines, Floor Scrubbers, Concrete Mixers, and Needle Vibrators etc.


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