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Power System includes the business area related to transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, vacuum interrupters, network protection & control gear, as well as design, execution and servicing of turnkey T&D as well as substation projects and solutions including complete end to end Renewable projects. This is the largest business which is now well entrenched throughout the world. It is a high value, high turnover business with a strong global footprint, contributing to approx 70 per cent of CG‟s consolidated revenue. The facilities are located in Belgium, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, France and UK.


CG is amongst the top 10 transformer manufacturers in the world; and one of the very few companies worldwide, that designs and manufactures such a wide range of Power and Distribution Transformers as well as Reactors from 160kVA to 1500MVA, and 11kV to 765 kV Class, conforming to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS and other International Standards. It has supplied more than 60 numbers of 765kV class transformers all over India. CG is a preferred supplier for a wide range of Transformers and Reactors for many critical applications. CG products find use in Industries, Power Utilities, Railways, Mines, and a wide population of Industrial users internationally.


CG is the first Indian manufacturer to develop and supply coupling transformers for dynamic reactive power compensation (DRPC) applications like static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), static VAR compensator (SVC) etc. Development of India`s first coupling transformer for STATCOM applications has been published by Central Board of Irrigation & Power under Publication No. 338 at 6th International Conference on Large Power Transformers - Modern Trends in Application, Installation, Operation & Maintenance held on 22-23 February, 2017, New Delhi, India.



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