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Transformers & Reactors

We are among the top 10 transformer manufacturers in the world, and one of the very few companies worldwide that designs and manufactures a wide range of power & distribution transformers and reactors.


The range of Power Transformers offered is from 25 kVA to 1500 MVA, and 11 kV to 765 kV class, and Reactors from 10 MVAr to 990 MVAr, and 33 kV to 765 kV class. These products are conforming to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS and other international standards. We emerged as a large supplier of a wide range of transformers and reactors for all critical applications. Our products are used in industries such as power utilities, process industries, railways, mines, electricity boards, industrial users, etc. in global markets.


We have pioneered the technology for manufacture of compact, reliable SLIM® transformers with high overload capacity in collaboration with Dupont’s Nomex® thermal insulating technology, rendering it a world leader in wind farm installations, where these transformers have extensive utility.


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