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At CG, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the society we live in. We therefore endeavor in creating meaningful, sustainable, value for the community.  


As we expand our global footprint, we intend to focus our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives across all our geographies in three distinct areas; 



Community Outreach : 


We understand that the plant and the communities around it belong to the same environment and thus interdependent in many ways.


We intend to make a positive, sustainable change in communities located around our plants. To be more efficient with our efforts, we focus upon the villages and communities located within the radius of around 20kms of each plant


We work with various academic, socio-cultural organizations, governmental and non-governmental systems, as well as public and private institutions that are contributing to the upliftment of underserved communities or villages situated in the vicinity of our plants.



Education & Skill Development: : 


CG as a part of CSR initiatives emphasize on ensuring quality education in government schools and other academic institutions, specifically catering to underprivileged students.


We extend our support to improve quality of infrastructure, develop learning enhancement programs and personality development activities for students. Also for providing digital learning facilities, supplementary classes for academically weaker students. We are ultimately creating a conducive environment for students to perform better educationally and avail better livelihood opportunities in future.


Under skill development  program,  we work with regional technical institutes to assist them impart employable, job oriented courses for youth, provide technical and soft skill trainings, improve and update infrastructural facilities, conduct industrial visits and avail placements to the trained students.


Being an Industrial company, we try and leverage our strengths and knowledge from our lines of business to create awareness, sustainable employment opportunities and contribute towards technical education. 



Sustainability : 


At CG, we give emphasis to preserve, create and develop means to ensure environment sustainability through various initiatives inside the plant premises and in the community as well.


Along with regular activities like Tree plantation, cleanliness drives, we have been actively involved in executing Water Resource Management Program in various CG locations and in communities. 


Being a company in the space of "Energy Management", contribute & develop awareness about energy conservation, energy sustainability & alternate energy utilization in the communities that we are part of.






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