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We endeavor to reach out to the local communities and partner with them to support their aspirations and make them self reliant. We focus our attention in building capacities of the women folk through formation of self help groups, imparting livelihood skills, soft skills and linkages to markets.


For instance ;


Vocational Training Centers in Sundernagri, Delhi :


CG runs 3 Vocational training centers in Sundernagri, an urban slum area located in East Delhi. We have been working in this community since 2007 together with St. Stephen's Community Health Department. Currently, we run 4 centers in this area with a focus on skilling the women folk and youth so as to make them employable.


  1. Center of Fashion Designing: Trains women on dress making, accessories such as bags, folders, purses, embroidery and artificial jewellery making
  2. Multimedia Center: Conducts training on computer programs ranging from basic level to advanced level enabling students obtain entry level jobs
  3. Empowerment Academy: Focus on imparting character traits such as morals, empathy, confidence, interview techniques as well as conversational English. The empowerment academy focuses on grooming the student and making her/him suitable for the job.'



Students at the' Vocational Training Center' in Sundernagri, Delhi.


Women Empowerment Initiatives in Kanjurmarg Village, Mumbai :


CG has dedicatedly worked for 7 years with the womenfolk in Kanjur Village. It started with formation of small groups wherein every woman had to be convinced about the importance of savings, and linkages to the banks. The community was aspirational for their children and themselves but had no idea on how to achieve a better quality of life. 


The women were put through various training programs, exposure visits, linked to various government schemes, where they realized that they could do so much more and substitute their family income. Today, CG works with 2000 women covering areas of Kanjur Village, Vikhroli and Bhandup. Where 80 per cent of women are now bread winners and earn anywhere between Rs 5000 to Rs. 20000. 




Health Checkups and Awareness Campaigns :


At CG we focus our attention to improve the overall health of the community through various health programmes in the form of awareness, health checkups and referrals.CG has been proactive in preventive healthcare services to improve levels of health amongst the community.


During the course of the year, approximately 15000 persons from both urban slums and remote, rural areas have been covered under the Health Programme.


For instance ; 


Power Transformers USA :


The team took up the cause of sensitizing people through a fund raising event called 'Relay for Life' for the American Cancer Society. The objective of this initiative is to celebrate Cancer Survivors and shares their success stories with the rest of the world.


The team put together fund raising events, secret bid auctions wherein many items were donated by local businesses that were neatly packaged and donated to the cause.


Power Systems USA support 'Relay for Life' to support survivors of Cancer



Large Rotating Machine, Hungary 


The team supported Csabika, a six year old boy who is suffering from hereditary genetic disease (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and is confined to the wheel chair. The team supplemented the family income by collecting plastic caps of bottles These caps were then bought over by a plastic processing company from the family of the boy, who in turn received the right material price for the caps. 


With this money, the family was able to buy an electric wheel chair for Csabika. 


Csabika and his family


Further to that employees also volunteered to build a ramp made from scrap materials for easy movement of the little boy 


Apart from working at a local level in the communities surrounding our locations.CG volunteers have been very proactive in reaching out to the victims of the Typhoon- Haiyan as well as the flood victims of Uttarakhand.



Distribution Transformers Belgium decided to organize a fund raiser to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. They organized a creative event called 'Haiyan Menu', wherein 186 Employees participated. The team was given a choice from a select range of meals: soup, Flemish chicken stew with French fries, desserts. The amount raised from the menu was collected and contributed to the Consortium for Aid to the Philippines. The team was able to raise €1009.



Distribution Transformers, Ireland also did their bit to send aid to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. They sold raffle tickets and raised €1000 which was their contribution towards the typhoon victims, through their NGO partner, Red Cross Ireland. 



Power Transformers, Canada held a fund raiser even at a Filipino restaurant. The Employees had some authentic Filipino cuisine, and made their donation. The team was able to raise close to $3,343 CDN which was donated to the Red Cross. The good thing was that the Canadian Government matched the funds raised.

The team participating in the 'Haiyan Menu'

The team in Canada presenting the cheque to
Red Cross



Reaching out to Uttarakhand flood victims in North India : 


When the flash floods ravaged the Indian state of Uttarakhand and rendered several thousand families homeless and without any means of livelihood, CG sprung into action by forging a partnership with PRAGYA -an NGO that works in the upper reaches of Himalayan region and contributed through several means.


Phase 1 : Monetary Contributions to fund the immediate rehabilitation of the affected communities. CG employees also generously participated in this fund collection drive. 


Phase 2 : Immediate relief - collection of emergency requirements like food grains, rain coats, baby food, medicines, blankets etc. through various collection drives at CG plants. 


Phase 3 : Participation in rehabilitation and re-building lives: A team of CG employees travelled to some of the flood affected regions and volunteered in the rehabilitation and rebuilding process.  


The team worked with PRAGYA on two aspects in the flood affected districts of Rudraprayag and Joshimath in Uttarakhand; 


  1. Livelihood : Building Green houses for the villagers to help them grow crops both for self consumption as well as for market supply
  2. Medical Camp : Organizing medical camps, documenting and conducting awareness sessions on various diseases and vaccinations available to the villagers from the local health agencies.


A medical health camp being organized in Urgam Valley, Uttarakhand for the flood affected families

The team helped build the 'Green House'


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