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CG is committed to discharge its social responsibilities by working with its neighbours, partners and stakeholders around the world to have a positive impact on the communities where its employees work and live.  


To ensure commitment to CSR at the highest level, CG has a CSR Council comprising of all business heads. This Council interacts with the Corporate CSR Team to create new initiatives and reviews the progress of the various projects by the Units. 


The CSR Statement of Intent clearly indicates the steps to be taken in the Business Domain, Workplace, Community and Environment.


Volunteerism is at a high level with all the CSR projects being executed by the employees who do so in addition to their regular job responsibilities.


The CSR movement in CG consists of several programmes: 




 CSR Logo and Identity 






The Idea


Transformation Through Action is based on the management mantra "Stop talking. Start doing."  For any transformation, involvement is essential.  True transformation will only happen when people help each other and keep the development process on.  In other words, it is sustainable development through teamwork.



The Design 


This is a graphic representation of CSR.  The three shapes represent community people joining hands and coming together.  The shapes form an invisible triangle pointing upwards, i.e., in the direction of growth.  The three distinct colours represent the Triple Bottom Line approach to CSR on the Economic, Environment and the Social front.  On a subtle level, along with the background splash of colour, they also indicate unity in diversity.





Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee




The Committee comprises of the following Directors


    • Mr. Shirish Apte (Director)
    • Mr. G Thapar (Director)
    • Dr. Valentin von Massow (Director)














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