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Neutral Grounding

Earthing transformers are designed to protect a system against phase-earth fault currents for a given fault time duration. These transformers are used to get a neutral point and provide earthing for non grounding systems. For example, when delta windings between two transformers are connected, the system is not earthed. In such a system earthing transformer provides grounding and protection against earth faults. These transformers are commonly "inter-star" or even known as Zig-Zag connected transformers. We have  the  expertise in manufacturing a wide range of earthing transformers based on customer requirements.
Short-time or continuous duty types
Hermetic or Conservator type construction
With or without auxiliary secondary winding

Mainly used by electricity boards and Electricity supply undertakings.

Country-wise Scope  
India 100 to 1250 kVA6.6 to 66 kVANSI, IEC, IS
Belgium As Per RequirementsAs Per RequirementsIEC
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