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 CG offers converter transformers, which operate at the fundamental frequency of an alternating system. These are designed for one or more output windings connected to the rectifier loads.

We offer Induction / Thyristor duty transformers suitable for 3 Pulse / 6 Pulse / 12 Pulse / 18 Pulse drive configurations. It is possible to make major changes in the output current and voltage by using a transformer with a different rectifier configuration. Extra care is taken in design and manufacture of Induction / Thyristor transformers due to the harmonics that are likely to appear in the transformer windings. These harmonics are likely to increase the stray losses in the transformer.


Apart from power stations and railways, this transformer find application in industries like steel, cement, paper, etc. 

500 to 12,500 KVA6.6 to 33.0 KVIEC, IS
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