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Shunt Reactors

To improve the stability and efficiency of energy transmission, shunt reactors are employed in the system. Depending on the load pattern of the line and the balance of reactive power, these are placed in a parallel configuration to compensate for the capacitive currents common to long transmission lines or cables. Shunt reactors are similar to a power transformer in winding design and insulation. For optimum reliability/cost efficiency and minimum life-cycle cost as well as in-rush currents, a simple and robust build-up is adopted. This is most cost efficient means to compensate the capacitive generation in order to sustain performance under severe cold, severe heat, lightning and earthquake, as well as violent fluctuations in voltage. Due to the use of latest computerized design techniques, each shunt reactor is a result of creative collaboration between project team and customer representatives. Shunt reactors combine high efficiency and low life-cycle costs to cut transmission costs and boost your bottom line.  We offer a wide range of products for single phase and three phase reactors considering transport limitations in some countries and also as per customer requirements.

Up to 125 MVAr and up to 400 kV class, three phase reactors.
Up to 330 MVAr, 765 KV class, bank of three single phase reactors (3 X 110 MVAr 1-phase reactors)
(Complying with IS553, IEC60289 and other International standards)


  • Technology tie-up for reactors up to 110 MVAr, 765kV 1-phase reactors under collaboration with OJSC, Zaporz Transformator, Ukraine.
  • Complete in-house testing facilities in India up to 765 kV class.

25 to 990 MVAr33 to 765 kVIEC, IS
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