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Trackside Power Transformers

The trackside power transformers are used for stepping down the voltage levels for the railway network. They are used to provide single phase supplies for train overhead systems. The duty of traction supplies transformers is a particularly difficult one, as overloading up to twice full-load current can appear. Furthermore, trackside transformers need to withstand system short-circuits which may be as high as 250 per year of varying magnitude up to full fault current. Height of the unit is reduced by mounting the active part horizontally. We have a wide range of uniquely designed products with advanced design technology to perform seismic and short-circuit conditions. These products are developed over the past experiences and high end technology for the manufacturing and quality tools.  Thus these are cost-efficient with long operating life, providing a platform for customer’s delight.

21.6 to 50 MVA66 to 220 KVIEC, IS,OTHER
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