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Zoom ProductFan Cooled Induction Motor - IC 4A1A1, IC 4A1A6 (TEFC)
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Fan Cooled Induction Motor - IC 4A1A1, IC 4A1A6 (TEFC)

CG manufactures NG-Series Motors, which belong to a family of state of the art, energy efficient and Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Squirrel Cage motors. These motors are extremely efficient, even at partial load and they have very low noise level. Efficiency of these motors is maximized by effective utilization of materials, minimizing losses and optimal design of the fins. Due to the reduced fan and core losses, there is no sharp drop in the efficiency curve at partial loads.

TypeOutputVoltagesFrame SizeStandardContactDownload
NGUp to 3000kW380 V to 11 kV315 to 630IEC, IS
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