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Neutral Grounding

Earthing transformers are designed to protect a system against phase-earth fault currents for a given fault time duration. These transformers are used to get a neutral point and provide earthing for non grounding systems. For example, when delta windings between two transformers are connected, the system is not earthed. In such a system earthing transformer provides grounding and protection against earth faults. These transformers are commonly "inter-star" or even known as Zig-Zag connected transformers. We have  the  expertise in manufacturing a wide range of earthing transformers based on customer requirements.
Short-time or continuous duty types
Hermetic or Conservator type construction
With or without auxiliary secondary winding

Mainly used by electricity boards and Electricity supply undertakings.

100 to 1250 kVA6.6 to 66 kVANSI, IEC, IS
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