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Emotron TSA

Starts, stops and protects


Emotron TSA softstarters take motor control to a new level. Soft torque starting, intelligent load monitoring and smart stops are all included and accompanied by a robust and compact design. The softstarter is developed for pump, fan, compressor, blower, crusher, conveyor, mill, mixer and saw applications.



Smooth starts reduce your costs


Adjusting the motor torque is best done by controlling the current in all three phases. 3-phase control offers symmetrical and balanced currents without the drawbacks of additional energy losses, noise and vibration normally connected with 2-phase softstarters.


Emotron TSA softstarters incorporate 3-phase control together with sophisticated algorithms for torque control. Conventional softstarters use a pre-defined voltage ramp to control the start. With Emotron TSA, the actual motor torque is continuously calculated and controlled according to the application requirements. This torque control ensures an ultra-smooth start with constant acceleration. The torque control means the starting current is reduced even further by up to 30%. You can use smaller fuses and less expensive cables, and will thus benefit from lower installation and energy costs. The smooth starts also lead to less mechanical stress, improved process control and reduced maintenance costs.



Protect your process and maximize efficiency


A built-in load monitor protects your machine and process against costly downtime, equipment damage and break-down. It reacts immediately if a crusher is jammed, a pump is running dry, a compressor is idling, or a fan is operating inefficiently due to a blocked filter. This is achieved by continuously calculating the motor torque used. Any deviation from your selected load levels will result in a warning or a quick but smooth stop.


The actual load can be remotely displayed via analogue or fieldbus communication output. The monitor can also be used to determine when a process is ready, for example, when the cored viscosity level is reached in a mixing process. You can rely on an efficient and reliable operation protected from damage and interruptions.



Protect your motor



All Emotron TSA softstarters have as standard a motor PTC thermistor input for thermal protection of the motor. The isolated thermistor inputs conform to DIN 44081/44082. In addition the softstarter allows for connection of up to 6 PT100 temp sensors. The softstarter software also includes an easy to use I2t motor thermal protection function.



Smart stops – smooth or quick


Emotron TSA offers efficient solutions, whether the need is a smooth or a quick stop. A linear stop of a pump eliminates the risk of water hammer. No motor-controlled valves are needed. Built-in braking functionality ensures quick and safe stops of mills and saws without mechanical brakes.



Slow speed and jog operations


Apart from ramping up and down the speed between zero and rated motor speed, Emotron TSA softstarter offer low speed operation in both forward and reverse direction without additional hardware. Slow speed or jogging forward or backward can be useful for aligning a load or having the motor running at low speeds for test or service purposes. Examples of applications where such low speed or jog operation is valuable are loading/unloading of centrifuges or mixers or positioning of feeding conveyors.



Compact dimensions


Emotron TSA softstarters are among the smallest in their class. Due to the space-efficient construction and somewhat unique by-pass design a compact, but yet  user-friendly design has been achieved.



Real time clock and programming blocks


The Emotron TSA softstarter offers built-in programming blocks, such as logical functions, comparators, SR Flip-Flops, counters and timers. This opens the way for customizing functionality according to your requirements. A Real Time Clock provides information about the actual date and time of the day. The real time information is used for time registration in the event log and to enable preprogrammed starting and stopping at certain date and time.



Easy installation and easy to use


Installation is quick and cost-efficient, since no additional equipment is required. Everything you normally need is included in an Emotron TSA unit. A number of options let you customize the softstarter functionality.



Multi-lingual control panel with single-function keys and copy function


Designed for global application the Emotron TSA softstarters carry a multi-lingual display unit as standard. The control panel has an easy-to-use menu system and dedicated menu and start/stop keys.

7.5 – 1,800 kW
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