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Solar Application Transformer

CG developed Inverters duty transformers for solar applications, which operate at the fundamental frequency of an alternating system. These are designed for one or more output windings connected to the inverters load. Owning to multiple outputs, multiple inverters paralleled to the PV arrays are directly connected to these transformers and reduces the project cost without compromising any of the transformer functions.


We offer Inverters duty transformers having three-windings and five-windings construction specially designed for grid connected photovoltaic systems. Extra care is taken in design and manufacturing of inverter duty transformers to address the harmonics that are usually to appear in the transformer windings. These transformers are designed according to any specific customer requirements regarding voltage, power, low losses, sound level, operating conditions and more. Special attention is given to people, environmental impact and safety issues.


The transformer`s primary voltage is at the low voltage side and the secondary is at the medium voltage side. The input voltages usually take values 380 V or 400 V and the medium voltage varies according to the feeding network voltage (i.e.11, 33kV).



Total approx. 2000 MVA installed & running transformers in Solar power generation plants PAN INDIA.

Up to 5 MVAUp to 36 kV
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