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LT & MV Vacuum Contactors

With the increase in regular faults & complicacies in using conventional contactors, reliability for Load Control & Switching System became an area of concern. To avoid these issues with conventional contactors, Vacuum technology is becoming an increasingly viable alternative for reducing Downtime.


In alignment with CG’s legacy to build market leadership through SMART Solutions, CG-Aurangabad developed pioneering concept of Vacuum Contactors (VC) with Epoxy Encapsulated Vacuum Interrupters (VI). CG is a market leader in Vacuum Interrupter Technology in India and a major global player. VI is the ‘heart’ of VC and use of own make vacuum interrupters in VC gives CG an added advantage.


CG commenced manufacturing of Vacuum Contactors in the year 2001-02 at Aurangabad. Since then over 20,000 CG make VCs ranging from 415V to 12kV are in service & providing reliable, safe and maintenance free Switching Solution to various Industries & Utilities within & outside India.

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