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Reliability and reduced offshore maintenance are important factors to take into account when designing offshore wind farms. The CG Systems Division meets these challenges by introducing a new concept: an AC-connection to link an offshore wind park to the electricity grid (patent pending). This offshore WindSub development more than ever categorizes CG Systems Division as a full-line supplier to the renewable energy sector. The CG Systems Division offers you a turnkey solution for connecting the offshore windpark to an onshore utility grid. The CG Systems Division selects the most suitable partners, each an expert in the different specific fields which are applicable in the offshore industry.

Country-wise Scope  
Belgium Up to 500MVAUp to 500 kVANSI, IEC
Indonesia Up to 500MVAUp to 500 kVANSI, IEC
USA Up to 500 MVAUp to 500 kVANSI
UK Up to 500 MVAUp to 500 kVANSI, IEC
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