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Emotron FlowDrive

Dedicated waste water drive

Emotron FlowDrive is designed for use in the most common pumping scenarios (1-2 pumps of any brand) in the wastewater management industry. The heart of FlowDrive is automatic reservoir level control – which optimizes energy use, minimizes the need for maintenance and enables real time process monitoring.


User-friendly and reliable, Emotron FlowDrive offers the optimal price/performance ratio, backed by rapid deliveries from the factory in Sweden and local 24/7 service. Initially available in IP54 and IP20, within the 0.75-160 kW range, the new drive concept is fully tested and proven. Thanks to its coated boards in robust IP54-certified casings, you can rest assured it will withstand the challenges of demanding industrial settings.


The numerous benefits of Emotron FlowDrive

  • Designed from Emotron’s long history of wellproven products for water and waste water industry
  • Energy savings, thanks to automatic optimal pump speed control
  • Compatibility with all kinds of pumps typically used in this application
  • Built-in functions that minimise maintenance needs
  • Absence of a PLC/pump controller reduces cost and effort involved in programming
  • Having one less component reduces complexity and increases reliability
  • Less starts and stops of the pumps thanks to longer run times caused by lower average frequency
  • Full connectivity to suit different user scenarios (remote telemetry/local control panel)
  • Complete solution packaged that is simple to install and use
  • Access to system data/parameters for continuous performance monitoring


Self-learning system

During commissioning, the user configures all motor data and levels. The self-learning program then takes over, taking the measurements and calculating process data to enable optimal control. Features include load monitoring, best efficiency point and flow estimation.


Best efficiency point (BEP) algorithm

Initially, the drive operates in learn mode in order to establish the most efficient operating parameters for the BEP algorithm. By running the pump over a range of frequencies and measuring the volumes pumped, it defines the most energy efficient pumping frequency, and calibrates the related functions accordingly. Thereafter, the reservoir level control operates according to these defined values.


No flow sensor required

Once the initial commissioning program has been run, the FlowDrive can estimate in and outflow without the need for a costly external flow sensor. If more accurate flow measurements are required for other reasons, the FlowDrive does, however, support the use of an external sensor.


Random start level

To prevent residues accumulating at a single level, this feature generates a random start level. The residues spread are thus over a broader surface and major buildups prevented.


Cleaning functions

Several cleaning functions are built-in to reduce maintenance requirements;

  • Pump cleaning
  • Pump sump cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning

Country-wise Scope  
 RangePower SupplyApplicationsStandardContact
Germany 0.75-160 kW @ 400 VAC230 - 690Water, Waste WaterIEC,OTHER
The Netherlands    
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