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Amorphous Metal Cores Distribution Transformers

Amorphous metal distribution transformers are seen as the future product in energy efficiency programs, and are currently introduced in many countries throughout the world. These transformers are equipped with amorphous metal cores, and produce only a fraction of the no-load losses to conventional magnetic steel cores. CG Power Systems has been manufacturing these transformers since the early nineties. Recent testing on units, which have been in service for over 12 years, show that the no-load losses have been consistent since the units were first put into service.

Country-wise Scope  
Belgium 15 kVA (1Ph) to 2.5 MVA (3 Ph)Up to 36 kVIEC
Ireland 15 kVA (1Ph) to 2.5 MVA (3 Ph)Up to 36 kVIEC
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