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Sentinel-21 Software Products

Sentinel-21 Family Common Software Elements 

CG Automation’s Sentinel-21 substation products all use one set of common, compatible elements, making them easy to put into service, to maintain, and to upgrade. 

• One common 32 bit Motorola CPU
• One common Operating System
• One common set of Client & Server communication protocol software
• One common Windows-based ConfigWiz-Plus® configuration program
• One common Programmable Logic Control & Communication (PLCC) language
• One common embedded Test Set software application

Our Sentinel-21 Processors can be configured to support multiple Master Stations and IED protocols, and to intelligently route data between Master Stations and Substation devices: 

• A selectable library of Master Station (Server) and IED (Client) protocols
• Configurable routing of data between multiple server and client communication ports
• Embedded Real-Time Operating System with high data throughput and minimal latency
• Expandable serial and Ethernet communication ports

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Support multiple Master stations & IED Protocols
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