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Generator Step-up Transformers

Generator Step-up Transformer units are used to increase the voltage of a generator and connect the supply to a bus bar. Generator Transformers are also used to limit the fault level of the generator in case of a fault. Transformers used for these applications are called Generator Step-up Units. These Transformers are designed to operate at near full load.


Generator step-up transformers are manufactured by CG in accordance to the latest applicable national and international standards. Our transformers meet the needs of utility, industrial and commercial customers. Typical generator step-up transformers have cover-mounted primary and secondary bushings. However other configurations can be provided. Every time a fault occurs in the grid, these transformers are subjected to stress. As these transformers are connected to the grid, they are subjected to constant voltage fluctuations. Voltage fluctuations cause stress to the transformer windings. These windings have to be specially designed to withstand these stresses. Localized heating is another issue which is a result of over excitation by the generator during voltage fluctuations. Localized heating can damage the metallic accessories of the transformer. Generator step-up transformers manufactured by CG India have effective low temperature rise.

25 to 600 MVA33 to 400 kVANSI, IEC, IS, BS,OTHER
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