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Double Cage Motor for Cement Mill.

For the raw and cement ball-mill twin drives Slip Ring or other wound type rotor motors are used all over the world. CG is the first in the world to successfully break this tradition with double Squirrel Cage motors supplied to Duna-Dráva Cement Company at Beremend.

This new solution is significantly cheaper from the investment view compared to the traditional solutions.

On one hand the double-cage motor is substantially cheaper than the Slip Ring motor, On the other hand the costly starting equipment and the adherent shortcircuiting switch together with the controller are not required. The usage of our solution due to the low operational and maintenance costs further increase the adaptability of this new equipment.1

TypeOutputVoltagesFrame SizeStandardContactDownload
FTC 560K6500 kW - 2500 kWUp to 13.8 kV400 - 560IEC
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