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Switchgear Actuators

The CG Remote Control Actuator Modules (RCAM) product range, offers a range of high-quality, non-intrusive switchgear actuators for the automation of both ground-mounted and overhead MV distribution switchgear.  These products have been designed to fit in a non-intrusive fashion to existing switchgear and can be tailored to meet the individual operational requirements of the utility.  They provide remote control of the switchgear while retaining the ability to operate the switchgear manually through a series of safety interlocking mechanisms to guarantee operator safety. CG Automation is one of only a few companies offering an integrated RTU/actuator solution which is available across a wide range of commonly installed switchgear. The non-intrusive design ensures minimum down-time when retrofitting the solutions to existing switchgear. These RCAM products, combined with fault-detection and CG Automation`s self-healing network solutions are key elements in the deployment of smart distribution grids.

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Electricity distribution networks, private electricity networksIEC
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