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It has been frequently disputed that “there is nothing new under the Sun”, but when it comes to solar power coupling transformers, something novel is required for the design approach. The purpose of this coupling transformer is to connect grid and STATCOM. A quite new, yet notable, trend is the coupling of the STATCOM and grid. STATCOMs are a part of the flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) device family. Their primary purpose is to supply a dynamic, precise and adjustable amount of reactive power to the AC power system to which they are connected. STATCOM device in the correct location of the system enhances the loadibility, stability, and reduce the losses of the network system through optimization process.


STATCOM is the state of the art technology in the reactive power control system, whose output can be varied, so as to sustain or control certain specific parameters of the electric power systems and enhance the stability of the AC system. It’s based on Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) – Voltage Source Converter (VSC) topology and uses self commuted power electronic devices such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT), Integrated Gate Commuted Thyristor (IGCT) etc., to generate (capacitive) or absorb (inductive) reactive power. Unlike conventional compensation equipments like Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC), Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) etc., STATCOM does not depend on passive component like capacitor or inductor for reactive power control. It uses electronic circuit to create a lead or lag between the applied voltage and injected current into the network. 


CG is the first manufacturer in India to develop and supply 3 x 171 MVA (bank of 513 MV), 1-phase, 400KV coupling transformers 

Up to 171 MVAUp to 400 kVIEC, IS
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