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Secure the flow and save energy !

CG Drives & Automation pump control offer considerable energy and maintenance savings. Operation is adapted to demand, a sleep function saves further energy,  linear stops eliminate the risk of water hammer and built-in load monitor protects the pump from dry-running.

Reliable and efficient operation saves energy 

Our AC drives offer considerable energy savings by continuously adapting operation to demand. Further energy is saved thanks to automatic pump rinsing and a sleep function that stops the motor when it does not need to be run to keep up the pressure.
Parameters can be set in your own process units, for example m3/s or bar, making monitoring safe and easy. Up to seven pumps can be controlled with one variable speed drive, without a PLC or other external equipment.

Smooth operation without water hammer 

Our softstarters greatly reduce start currents, and thus the hydraulic and mechanical stress on pipes and gaskets. Torque control offers ultra-smooth starts with constant acceleration. You can use smaller fuses and cables, and will benefit from reduced energy and installation costs.
Linear stops eliminate the risk of water hammer, without the need for costly motor-controlled valves to reduce pressure spikes. Start and stop levels can be controlled by connecting an analogue sensor directly to the softstarter. No PLC is required.

Protection against damage and downtime

We offer efficient protection for your pumps, saving maintenance and downtime costs. Our shaft power monitors, also built into our other products, prevent damage and inefficiency, for example if a pipe is blocked, a valve is not fully opened or the pump is running dry.
This is done using a unique technique of calculating motor shaft power. Any over- and underload situation is detected immediately, across the entire speed range. Using the motor as its own sensor means no costly and service-demanding external sensors are required.

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