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Product Overview

Mobile transformers are used in mobile substations. These substations are used in emergency situations or as temporary solutions for the supply of electric power. Mobile transformers are very compact due to the application of special insulation techniques such as the application of Nomex® insulation. Units are available either with conventional, hybrid or Nomex® insulation.
The use of Nomex® insulation allows higher temperatures, which in combination with oil to air coolers result in extremely compact transformer designs.

Country-wise Scope  
Belgium Up to 100 MVAUp to 245 kVANSI, IEC
Indonesia 10 to 60 MVA33 to 150 kV
Hungary Up to 80 MVAUp to 245 kVANSI, IEC, IS, BS, NEMA,OTHER
Canada Up to 60 MVAUp to 230 kVANSI
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