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SmartGrid Solutions

Smart Grid offerings include self-healing and adaptive restoration systems that detect and isolate faults and restores power to the maximum number of customers. Systems are self adaptive to handle multiple cascaded fault scenarios. Intelligent automation and restoration schemes can be based on centralised coordination or local automation depending on the customers automation philosophy. Systems can auto adjust to different fault scenarios and can operate in an advisory mode under pre-defined conditions. CG intelligent substation automation solutions are a key element in Smart Grid deployment, providing realtime and highly adaptive control systems. Dynamically changing system conditions from the distributed energy resources of the future will depend on realtime adaptive control systems to maintain stable and efficient operation. CG substation technology provide this technology in addition to realtime condition monitoring of assets to optimise usage and extend service life.
CG WindSCADA offers full windfarm management and connection point integration providing complete windfarm solutions

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Electricity distribution networks, private networks, renewables energy sectorIEC
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