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Secondary Distribution Automation

With today’s increased focus on operational efficiencies, the level of interest in automation has significantly grown. CG Lucy provides you with effective integrated switchgear automation solutions yielding maximum benefits in terms of enhanced network management.


RMU’s can be equipped with modern automation equipments that responds to the changing customers demand for modern, fully automated and remote controlled switchgear. Both Oil / SF6 RMU’s can be fully automated by using a combination of linear motor driven actuators, auxiliary relays along with Remote Terminal Units (RTU) integrated with communication device which supports various standard protocols. The integrated RMU with RTU can communicate through a wide range of available communication protocol as per the system requirements.


Automation sequences can also be embedded within the RTU to perform user defined automation functions such as Auto-Changeover or Auto-Open. The schemes can be initiated by loss of HV or LV voltage, fault current detection or by combination of both. The status following the initiation of automation sequence is reported to the control centre for diagnostics and analytical purposes.


The automation can be either cost effective stand alone secondary control system or integrated with existing SCADA systems for remote reconfiguration and real time data analysis.


The automation system enables the following functions in the RMU

Control function


  • Remote closing / tripping of Circuit Breaker / Fuse switch.
  • Remote closing / opening of Ring switch / Load break switch.


Monitoring function

  • Circuit Breaker & Ring Switch status indication
  • Earth fault indication
  • Low gas pressure


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Effective integrated switchgear automation solutions yielding maximum benefits in terms of enhanced IEC
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