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Power System Analysis

Where required, CG can offer complete Power Systems Analysis from simple load-flow to complex transient stability investigations. We can provide studies in Load Flow, Fault Level, Protection Settings & Coordination, Stability, Earthing and Time Simulation.
For protection studies it`s possible to model specific protection relay types for both steady-state and time simulation studies. Steady-state short circuit studies can be performed according to IEC or ANSI standard. Short circuit and open circuit faults of all types can be applied, with or without fault impedance. Faults on different phases at different locations can be studied to determine the performance of directional protection relays. Dynamic time simulation studies help to assess the performance of load-shedding schemes and the control of transformer on-load tap-changers by AVR devices. CG Automation can deliver tailored solutions to meet the needs of its global customers.

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Transmission & distribution utilities, power generators, industrial facilities, renewables energyIEC
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