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CG offers different types of Control Panel sets for controlling of various kinds of locomotives like JDCC (Jet Deflector Crane Car), DETC (Diesel Electric Tower Car), HHP-DEMU (High Horse Power–Diesel Electric Multiple Unit), etc.
The Equipment used in above mentioned Control Panel Sets are:
Driver Desk
Drivers Desk is fabricated of sheet steel structure, comprising of various driver’s and guard's operating equipment for controlling and monitoring the car operation.
Major components of Drivers desk are listed as mentioned below :

  • Master Controller: Master Controller is used to select various power stages of the locomotive as well as to control the direction of vehicle.  
  • Driver's Control Switch Box: Control box is used for engine control, excitation control of alternator and for applying brake.
  • LED Indication Panel: It is a fault indicating device for the driver.
  • Engine Control Switch: Used for controlling the Engine. 
  • Load Ammeter: Indicating instrument for displaying current.
  • Fabricated driver's desk: A frame for mounting different equipments and components. 
  • Toggle switches and selection switches: For making and braking contacts.
Control Cubicle

Control Cubicle is fabricated out of steel channels and sheets suitable for mounting in the Locomotive. It has a robust construction with adequate provision for getting fixed rigidly into the locomotive base. It houses various control and protective equipment.
It consists of following major equipment and components:
  • Relays: These are used for sensing the fault current and for initiating the operation of circuit breakers.   
  • MCB’s:  Used for making and braking of contacts of Control System and Auxiliary System.  
  • Battery isolating fuse switch with fuses: Used as a protective device.
  • Ground Fault Relay : Used for sensing the ground faults.
  • Fabricated Cubicle: A Frame comprising of mounting provisions for all equipments.
  • Terminal Blocks with Channels: Used for cable terminations. 
  • Volt meter & Ammeter: Indicating devices.  
  • Fuse: Equipment used for higher current protection.  
  • Toggle Switches: Provision for the driver to make and break circuits.
  • Light & Fan control :-  Separate  contactors for light & fan  control of the locomotive.
Motor Switch Group Cubicle

Motor Switch Group Cubicle consists of protecting, isolating and direction control equipment for the Traction Motors. All these functions are controlled by electro pneumatic supply. Electro-pneumatic equipment provided in the cubicle is suitable for operation on 110 VDC nominal and 5 kg/cm2 pneumatic supply.
Major Equipments of Motor Switch Group Cubicle are as listed below:
  • Electro pneumatic Contactor: Electro-pneumatic contactors are for isolating the traction motors when they are not in operation and during fault conditions.
  • Electro pneumatic Reverser: Electro-Pneumatic Reverser is connected in the traction motors field circuit to change the direction of current flow, thereby changing the direction of the traction motors.
  • Motor Overload Relay: Motor overload relays are provided in series with traction motors to protect them from overloading i.e. the current flowing through the traction motor beyond its handling capacity.
  • Base Plate for mounting the equipment. This is a provision for mounting all above mentioned component and their accessories.


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