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Zoom ProductAir Cooled Induction Motors - IC 6A1A1, IC 6A1A6, IC 6A6A6 (CACA)
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Air Cooled Induction Motors - IC 6A1A1, IC 6A1A6, IC 6A6A6 (CACA)

CG offers CACA Motors, which include TP and FT Series High Voltage Induction Motors.
The TP range of induction motors includes both Squirrel Cage (TPC) and Slip Ring (TPR) motors. These motors have totally enclosed construction. The TPC range consists of foot mounted (IMB3) machines, which complies with both IS :- 2253 and IEC :- 60034-7. The totally enclosed IP55 protection as per IS :- 4691 / IEC :- 60034-5 and cooling with air to air heat exchangers comply with IEC 60034-6.
The VTPC range is a variant of the TPC range with flange mounted construction IMV1 complying to IEC 60034 – 7. BTPC range has blowers separately mounted on heat exchanger for the most stringent variable speed application and for higher output designs.

The TP range of motors have  been designed to meet diversified application demands, while maintaining excellent performance and highest quality. The robust design helps function with variable voltage, variable frequency drives.

The FT range of induction motor includes FTC/FTCV type Squirrel Cage and FTA/FTAV type Slip Ring Motors., -  FTC/FTA types are horizontal and foot mounted (IM B3, IEC60034-7) machines, whereas FTCV/FTAV types are vertical, flange mounted (IM V1, IEC 60034-7). These motors are totally enclosed (IP 54, IEC 60034-5), self cooled with air-to-air heat exchanger (IC 6A1A1/IC 6A1A6) as per IEC 60034-6.

The range of air cooled motors are  also available with an external blower; wherein the cooling is independent of the speed of the motor, which is preferred for variable speed applications.

TypeOutputVoltagesFrame SizeStandardContactDownload
TPUp to 12,000 kW380 V to 13.8 kV315 to 1400
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