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Outdoor Vacuum Contactor (Fully Automatic Capacitor Switch)

There are a large number of feeders running from substation to the load in distribution networks. The line current varies heavily during the day. The nature of load is unpredictable as a large number of small loads are connected in the distribution network. It affects the power factor adversely. The power factor improvement at the load end for medium and large scale industries can be governed. In case of domestic users, which are the majority, it is difficult to estimate the cost to benefit advantage and thus it is difficult to maintain power factor on their respective premises. Hence switched capacitors prove beneficial for such loads.
Advantages of improving power factor by using capacitors :
  • Reduction in kVAdemand on transformer
  • Transformer load current is reduced
  • Energy savings
  • iBetter voltage regulation for consumers and motor overheating prevented 

This scheme of capacitor switching is load current dependant. When the load current falls the capacitor is switched OFF and when the load current rises above the set value the capacitor is switched ON in order to reduce the feeder current and improve the voltage profile of the line. The controller does this function. This controller is developed by CG looking at the optimum use of capacitor bank in the line.

Line Current/Power Factor BasedCapacitor Switch for improving power factor
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