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CG WindSCADA integrates turbines from all of the major vendors providing independent and traceable monitoring and control solutions of onshore and offshore wind farms. Realtime data is collected from individual turbines for the SCADA server where operational, service and meteorological data is presented in realtime in simple user-friendly graphical format illustrating over production, under production, and  other critical turbine status indications. CG WindSCADA has a comprehensive suite of turbine management applications including Power Autopilot for regulating the turbines based on power output levels and Directional Autopilot for regulating the turbines based on wind direction. The system provides flexible reporting based on user-defined periods for availability, power output and event reporting. System integration with the utility connection point allows for easy validation of power transfer including reactive power management capabilities to optimise turbine output. Remote management is supported via remote access providing extensive operational, maintenance and diagnostic facilities.

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