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Substation Terminal Node Series

The same powerful 6CPP6 Central Processor Panel used in the ePAQ-9100 series is available in a circuit board configuration for surface mounting in substation or outdoor enclosures with an expandable discreet I/O hardware interface to the utility’s field wiring.

The 6CPP6 processor’s features offer Communication Management for the Smart Substation Environment restoring full productivity to the crowd of substation Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and the myriad of communication media now available at remote locations. Based on a rugged 32-bit processor and communication flexible architecture, the 6CPP6 spans the gap between your existing SCADA investments and new communication and Intelligent Electronic Device technologies. The 6CPP6 supports an expanding library of Master Station and IED protocols, and is continually being enhanced to provide new functionality 

The programmable 6CPP6 Central Processor can serve as:

• An intelligent protocol to protocol converter
• A stand-alone substation controller and display interface
• Local and remote access to Intelligent Electronic Devices
• A Load Management Controller
• A programmable device for user defined tasks within the substation

6CPP6 Benefits: 

• Smart communication for your substation
• Upgrade to new open protocols while preserving your investment in existing RTU hardware
• Use SCADA system communication channels to make full use of your new IED investment
• Monitor and control displays in the substations for authorized personnel
• Make your existing RTUs “smarter” 

6CPP6 Features:

• Powerful 32-bit processor
• Laptop or Touch Panel local user interface & Web Page support
• Expandable communication interfaces:
      Ethernet (10/100baseTX, 100baseFL), RS232, RS485
• Multi-Master support (polled or quiescent)
• Extended library of Master Station and IED protocols
• Windows-based ConfigWiz-Plus® software
• Environmentally hardened:
     IEEE SWC isolation, -30 to +70º C, 5% to 95% humidity

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Smart communication for your substation
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