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Substation Automation

Substation Automation:

CG Automation’s Sentinel-21 Family of Substation Automation products provide Electric, Transportation and Water Utilities programmable supervisory control of remote equipment and concentration of data from IED’s in electrically and environmentally harsh remote locations. The Sentinel-21 Family of environmentally hardened Substation Automation products offer a scalable upgrade path from traditional RTU’s to a modern Substation Automation system.  These SCADA automation products are designed to satisfy the needs of the utility industries with rugged, programmable, off-the-shelf assemblies, offered in a number of configurations to meet different requirements, from small wall-mounting and medium sized enclosures to large, free-standing cabinet assemblies.

The Sentinel-21 Family’s  many operational and configuration features ease the job of installing and maintaining a CG Automation substation networking system.


  •   Powerful 32-bit Microprocessor & Real-Time Clock
  •   Network Communication Interface
  •   Web Page Support
  •   Expandable IED Interface Ports  (RS232, RS485, Fiber Optic)
  •   Library of Server and Client protocol software licenses
  •   Windows ConfigWiz-Plus® software  &  Automatic Database Import to TDMS-Plus
  •    Master Station
  •   Configurable routing of data between Master Stations, IEDs, local I/O & down-line RTU units
  •   Automatic configuration of SEL Relay FastMeter devices
  •   Programmable Calculations & Control Algorithms

ePAQ Multifunction Gateways
Substation Terminal Nodes
Distributed Remote Terminals
Upgrades to older RTUs
Sentinel-21 Software Products

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Meeting the challenges of efficient and reliable power distribution, deregulation
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