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Capacitor Controllers

CG Automation Inc.`s MCap II, eCAP II, eCAP-9045, and DAS Switch microprocessor-based Capacitor Controllers provide programmable control of single step, switched capacitor banks (solenoid or  vacuum based) in electric power distribution systems.

Our controllers are programmable units with an internal clock/calendar, temperature sensor, and circuits that monitor the power line voltage and current. User-defined algorithms automatically switch the capacitor bank in or out of the circuit on any desired combination of the following:

• Voltage              
• Temperature
• Real power          
• Date
• Current              
• Time
• Power Factor       
• Day of week or Holiday
• Reactive power (KVAr) 
The MCap II S(standard) and the MCap II E(extended) are designed to monitor voltage and current, and automatically switch a capacitor bank in to or out of the circuit depending on the conditions observed. Harmonic Distortion detection is standard and can be monitored. The controllers also contain a real-time clock/calendar (DST standard) requiring no battery replacement. Options include a temperature sensor & neutral current and voltage detection.

The MCap II E controller is the same as the MCap II S, except it adds a two line LCD Display and an additional set of switches that can be used to set or edit most configuration parameters in the field, without the use of a laptop computer.

All controllers are also available as Limted versions (Time, Temperature, and Voltage functions only) for those users who desire the ultimate in simplicity and reliability.

These microprocessor-based, smart controls offer the ultimate in versatility and are ideal for any pole-mounted or substation switched application. In addition, these units can detect reverse power conditions.

The eCap II performs the same functions as the MCap II “Standard” and “Extended” versions but adds a SCADA communications port, and can support a variety of communications hardware (data radios, modems, etc.). Communications equipment may be mounted inside the enclosure, which saves on installation costs. All analog, status, and control points are remotely accessible via DNP3, Modbus or QUICS communications protocol (other protocols available).

Like all the MCap family, the unit is designed to monitor voltage, current, watts, vars, power factor, time, date, day-of-week, holiday, or temperature. The controller will automatically switch a capacitor bank into or out of the circuit depending on the conditions observed.

Two red LEDs indicate data transmit/receive (Tx/Rx) activity.

As with the MCap II versions, the communications enabled unit can be set to make local switching decisions by measuring or calculating values. Monitored (or calculated) values are then compared to the particular swtiching strategy.

Up to 252 days of operations can be accumulated at 15 minute intervals. Measurements can be optionally stored as 1, 2, or 5 minute averages. Enough information is saved so that a complete operating history is available.

All controllers are also available as Limited versions (Time, Temperature, and Voltage functions only) for those users who desire the ultimate in simplicity and reliability.  Limited models can be converted to full function units with a firmware upgrade via the front panel USB port.

All controllers keep set point information in non-volatile flash memory. They maintain an operations log and history of the monitored circuit’s measurements.

All controllers support firmware upgrades via USB port, allow configuration via laptop PC, and can be set up and operated by a typical laptop computer (or other PC), running CG Automation’s PC software. This program is also used to retrieve and examine the historical data stored by the controls. The program allows the data from multiple controls to be saved and viewed.

All controllers have an “Auto/Manual” switch and an “Open/Close” switch. Three LED indicators are included. A yellow LED indicates Auto Mode (yellow LED is on), Manual Mode (yellow LED is off). A red LED indicates that the last operation was “CLOSE” (red LED is on), or a CLOSE operation is pending (red LED is blinking). A green LED indicates that the last operation was “ OPEN “ (green LED is on), or an OPEN operation is pending (green LED is blinking).

One controller does it all. There is no need to buy or inventory separate units based on monitoring requirements.

(Note: current, watts, vars, and power factor monitoring require a customer-supplied Line Post Current Sensor or Current Transformer. The sensor is not required for voltage, time/date/day-of-week/holiday, or temperature monitoring

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