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Emotron M10 shaft power monitor

The Emotron M10 is a single function monitor intended for machine builders and OEM’s. It is the ideal choice for price sensitive applications requiring only basic under- or overload protection. For more advanced load monitoring we recommend the Emotron M20 shaft power monitor

The Emotron M10 is well suited for supervising induction motor driven equipment, such as centrifugal pumps, magnetic pumps, mixers, scrapers, crushers and conveyors in applications with drive motor of up to 50 A. It can also be used as an electronic shear pin ( Motors max. 50A)

The Emotron M10 provides reliable monitoring and protection, optimizing production equipment and minimizing expensive breakdowns and interruptions.It immediately detects any abnormal condition and initiates a warning. If the normal machine load is exceeded, the internal relay changes state and the alarm LED turns red (LED is green at normal level). The output relay contact can be used for alarm indication and/or for machine shut-down.

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