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CG surge arresters incorporate ZE elements (Zn0 elements) with superior non-linear voltage-current characteristics, high quality and reliability. Metal oxide type surge arresters offer special features inherent in gap-less structure such as quick response to surge voltage, high energy dissipation capability, safe operation, compact / lightweight and freedom from pollution. Surge arresters are applied for various systems including substation equipment, rolling stock and power distribution units from 3.3 kV to 420 kV system. These surge arresters demonstrate excellent protection properties.

For the past 15 years, we have continuously endeavoured to improve the surge arrester technology and product quality and have achieved positive results in manufacturing. With leading technology and manufacturing equipment, we manufacture various surge arresters through careful application of our accumulated technology. Manufactured in a modern facility under strict quality control, customers can depend on the high performance and reliability. In addition, we develop and manufacture various surge arresters, which can cope with such customer`s requests as excellent performance (improvement of protection properties), compact design and lightweights.

DescriptionLine Discharge ClassVoltagesStandardsDetails
Distribution Class Gapless   
ZnO Porcelain Clad Normal Duty ZYPD Dist. Class2.7 kV to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS,OTHER
ZnO Porcelain Clad Heavy Duty ZPR1 Dist. Class2.7 kV to 36 kV ANSI,IEC,IS,OTHER
Station Class Gapless   
ZnO Porcelain clad ZLA2 Class 22.7 kV to 144 kV ANSI,IEC,IS,OTHER
ZnO Porcelain Clad ZLA3 Class 32.7 kV to 420 kV ANSI,IEC,IS,OTHER
ZnO Porcelain Clad ZLA4 Class 454 kV to 420 Kv
ZnO Polymer Housed ZPL2 Class 22.7 kV to 144 kV ANSI,IEC,IS,OTHER
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