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CG offers a wide range of Q SERIES RAILWAY SIGNALLING RELAYS to meet all types of Signaling Circuit Applications such as Route Relay Interlocking, Panel Interlocking, Automatic Signalling, Point Operation and Track Circuiting. Each individual type of relay undergoes extensive TYPE TESTING by Research  Design and Standards Organization (R.D.S.O., Lucknow) of the Indian Railways and approved for use in Railway signalling circuits.

DescriptionRelay TypesDetails
Neutral Line Relays QN1,QNA1,QS3,QN1K,QNN1,QNNA1,QNA1K
Track Relays QT2,QTA1,QTA2,QBAT
Biased Relays QBA1,QBBA1,QBCA1
Latch Relays QL1
Slow in Action Relays QSPA1,QSRA1
Other Relays QNHX1,QNHXC1
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