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Industrial Drives 

"Optimized operation and full control."

An AC drive controls the application by continuously adjusting the motor speed. This results in reduced energy usage and prevents unnecessary wear of the equipment. CG offers a wide product range in the low voltage drives segment. Direct torque control and built-in shaft power monitoring are examples of premium features of AC drives. Direct torque control is considered an excellent method to control motor speed and torque and enables optimal usage of the motor. Our drives are also offered with active front end technology. This enables low harmonic operation as well as regeneration capability for energy saving. The shaft power monitoring reacts if the operation should deviate from selected load levels.

DescriptionRangePower SupplyApplicationsStandardsDetails
AC / DC LV Emotron Drives    
Emotron FDU - AC drives 0.75-3,000 kWUp to 690 VVariable / constant torque- Pumps, fans, compressors, blowers IEC
Emotron VFX - AC drives 0.75-3,000 kWUp to 690 VVariable / constant torque- Cranes, crushers, centrifuges, extruders, conveyors, mills, mixers, winc IEC
Emotron AFE - Active Front End drives 55 - 1,000 kW380-690 V, 3-PhaseCranes, centrifuges, conveyors, test benches, pumps and fans IEC
Emotron CDU / CDX - Motor-mounted AC drives 3-22 kW380-480 VAC / 480-525 VACPump, crushers, mills saws, extruders IEC
Emotron DSV / GSV - Lift drives 3-132 kW, 3-25 kW3 x 400 V ±10% Lift drives for AC or DC operations IEC
Emotron FlowDrive 0.75-160 kWUp to 690 VVariable torque- sump pump, waste water IEC
Emotron VS10 & VS30 0.25 - 0.75 kWVS10 - 190-240 volts VS30 - 380-480 voltsPumps, fans, compressors, blowers IEC
Emotron VSS 0.4 – 2.2kW220V, 1 phasePumps, Fans, Conveyors, Machinery, IEC
Emotron VSX 0.75kW-22kW380–415Vac/50Hz ,3 PhasePump, Fan, Compressor, Conveyor, Crane, Extruder IEC
Emotron VSM 0.75 – 3.7kW380 – 415Vac/50Hz ,3 PhasePump, Fan IEC
Emotron VSR Solar Drive 0.4 kW - 7.5 kW220VAC, 1 Ph or 310VDC & 380VAC, 3 Ph or 540VDCPump IEC
DC Drives    
DC Drive Products and Solutions 20 KW - 5000 KW230 V DC - 1000 V DCDC Drive system package for process automation in industries like Steel, Cement, Paper, etc.
MV Drive    
MV Drives 200 kW - 10000 kW3.3kV to 13.8 kVTo drive Induction & synchronous motor applications & catering to majority of the industrial sectors OTHER
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