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Single Phase Motors 

Single Phase Motors are used in variety of applications in households and small industrial sectors, where three phase power supply is not available. Single Phase motors are classified based on the type of starting mechanism. Widely used starting mechanisms are SplitPhase, Capacitor Start and Run, Capacitor Start Induction Run & Capacitor Start Capacitor Run. Depending upon the application load characteristics, mounting suitability and cooling mechanisms, we have single phase motors in various output powers, constructions and enclosures in the product categories given below:

DescriptionApplicationAvailable RangeStandardsDetails
NEMA B42/B48 Frame Motors Juicer, Bench Drilling Machine, Ice Cream Vending Machine, Wet Grinder, Winnowing Fan, etc75 W to 370 W 2,4 & 6 Pole IS,NEMA
HVAC Motors Air Curtain, Chiller Unit, Condenser Unit, Exhaust Fan, Fan Coil Unit, Blowers, etc35 W to 750 W 2 & 4 Pole / 35 W to 550 W 6 Pole IS,NEMA,OTHER
NEMA 56 Frame Motors Wet Grinder, Surgical Pump, Paint Mixer, Vacuum Pump, Needle Vibrator, Lawn Mower, etc187 W to 1500 W 4 Pole / 187 W to 2250 W 2 Pole / 187 W to 750 W 6 Pole / 187 W to 750 W 8 Pole IEC,IS,NEMA
100S Frame Motors Atta Chakki, Domestic Flour Mill, Tower Hoist, Air Compressor, Thresher, Etc1100 W to 2200 W 4 Pole / 750 W 6 Pole IS
100S Frame Wood Working Motors Wood Planer, Cutters, Sizers & Other Wood working machinery1500 W to 2250 W 4 Pole IS
CI Body Motors Coupled Pump s, Pulveriser, Rice Huller, Garage Compressor, Thresher, Floor Polisher, Groundnut Crus750 W to 5500 W 4 Pole IS
Explosion Proof Motors Fuel Dispenser370 W to 750 W 4 Pole / 370 W to 1100 W 2 Pole IEC,IS
IEC Frame - Aluminium Diecast Body Motors eLiTE Series Exhaust Fans,Air Curtains,Bench Drilling M/c,Hydraulic Pumps,Paint Mixing M/c,Dryers187 W to 2200 W 2 Pole & 4 Pole IEC,IS
Sheetal Series - CI Body Motors Paddy Thresher, Chaff Cutter, Sugarcane Crusher, Rice Huller, Winnowing Fan, Garage Compressor370 W to 2250 W 4Pole IEC,IS
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