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High Voltage Motors 
CG offers both Squirrel Cage (TPC & FTC Range) and Slip Ring (TPR & FTA Range) motors in horizontal (IMB3), vertical (IMV1) and inclined (IMB5, IMV5) mounting options to suit every customer requirement.
Built in accordance with IEC 60034-1 / IS 325 standards, we offer customized, energy efficient and intelligent motors for various applications in IP23, IP55, IP56 and IP65 enclosures. We offer a wide range of cooling systems ranging from Self Circulation type (IC611) to independent forced circulation circuits (IC616), water cooled (IC8A1W7) and Tube Ventilated (IC511) to fin cooled (IC411) types.
The motors offered ranging from Open Air Circuit (IC01) and Closed Air Circuit (IC611) to independent externally fed air circuit (IC616). These are designed for optimum performance in adherence with application and site requirements of performance and space.
These motors have been designed to meet diversified application demands, while maintaining excellent performance and the highest quality. The robust design helps function with variable voltage, variable frequency drives.

DescriptionOutputVoltagesFrame SizeStandardsDetails
Air Cooled Induction Motors - IC 6A1A1, IC 6A1A6, IC 6A6A6 (CACA) Up to 20,000 kW380 V to 13.8 kV355 to 1600
Double Cage Motor for Cement Mill. 500 kW to 2500 kWUp to 13.8 kV400 to 560 IEC
Water Cooled Induction Motors - IC 8A1W7 (CACW) Up to 25,000 kW380 V to 13.8 kV355 to 1800 IEC,IS
Open Air Type Induction Motor - IC 0A1, IC 0A6 (SPDP) Up to 25,000 kW380 V to 13.8 kV315 to 1800 IEC,IS
Tube Ventilated Induction Motor -IC 5A1A1, IC 5A1A6 (TETV) Up to 10,000 kW380 V to 13.8 kV400 to 1120 IEC,IS
Fan Cooled Induction Motor - IC 4A1A1, IC 4A1A6 (TEFC) Up to 3000 kW380 V to 11 kV315 to 630 IEC,IS
Energy Efficient Motors HV - N Series Up to 23000 kWUp to 13.8 kV355 to 1400 IEC
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