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Traditional ways of farming or related activities are getting replaced by mechanized farming. CG is there to provide a solution for all these requirements and our motors are delivering performance in the fields round the globe. Gardening equipment, food grain polishing, poultry/dairy applications are major segments where we have been supplying thousands of motors.

DescriptionAvailable RangeDetails
Lawn Mower 370 W 2 Pole to 2250 W 2 Pole
Wood Working Machines 750 W 4 Pole to 2250 W 4 Pole
Chaff Cutter 1100 W to 2250 W 4 Pole
Cow Milking Pump Motor 370 W to 1500 W 2 Pole & 4 Pole
Poultry Cooling Fan Motors 370 W to 2250 W 2 Pole & 4 Pole
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