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CG offers customized solutions that ensure clean power, energy savings, improved operational efficiency and reliability through a range of state-of-the art-products and services. Power Quality solutions are based on a range of products and services. Products like Capacitor Switch, LT/HT Automatic PF control Panel, Fixed and Automatic Harmonic Filters, Dynamic Reactive Power Compensator – STATCOM, mechanically switched and thyristor switched capacitor panels when implemented specific to the application, ensure clean and efficient use of energy.

Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) AHFUsed for centralized harmonic suppression in a Power System
Outdoor Vacuum Contactor (Fully Automatic Capacitor Switch) Line Current/Power Factor BasedCapacitor Switch for improving power factor
Passive Harmonic Filters PHFControlled Harmonic Current management & Protection of capacitors
Automatic Power Factor Correction System (APFC) APFCUsed for centralized reactive power compensation at the point of common coupling (PCC)
STATCOM SVCUsed for centralized reactive power compensation & harmonic suppression in a power system.
Medium Voltage Current and Voltage Transformers CTs & VTsused for measuring voltage and current in electrical power systems
Condenser Bushing OIP Bushings 
LT & MV Vacuum Contactors VC / MVC / CS-VPReactor Switching, Transformer Switching, Resistance Switching, Capacitor Switching, Motor Switching ANSI,IEC,IS
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