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Medium Voltage Switchgear is in our DNA. CG has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of MV Switchgear.


Power distribution area has been one of the strongholds for CG Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgear Division since its inception in 1985. We pioneered the arrival of vacuum technology in India with vacuum interrupters. Our endeavour is to provide customers the best quality VCB with minimal price.


We also offer Mid Mounted Switchgear (Calix VCB in CG-Novitas panel) with lesser footprint in 12kV and 24kV voltage level. Our best in class VCBs are type tested for class E2 ,C2 & M2 with internal arc fault protection for 1 sec.


We are one of the largest manufacturers for Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker and also offers Metal Clad Outdoor VCB Kiosk panel.


All our VCBs are restrike free and tested for class C2.

DescriptionRated VoltageRated CurrentBreaking CapacityStandardsDetails
Indoor Type    
12kV VCB (Calix) Up to 17.5 kV Up to 4000 AUp to 50 kA IEC,IS
24kV VCB (Calix) 24 kVUp to 2500 AUp to 31.5 kA IEC,IS
36 kV VCB (Felix) Up to 40.5 kVUp to 2500 AUp to 40 kA IEC,IS
Vertical Isolation VCB Up to 12 kVUp to 1250 AUp to 20 kA IEC,IS
Retrofit Solution Up to 12 kVUp to 2000 AUp to 40 kA IEC,IS
Outdoor Type    
Porcelain Clad VCB Up to 36 kVUp to 2000 AUp to 31.5 kA IEC,IS
Metal Clad VCB - KIOSK Up to 36 kVUp to 2000 AUp to 40 kA IEC,IS
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