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Farm Equipments Products
Lawn Mower

For High Speed Cutting, the motors are designed such that they can deliver output even in case a low voltage supply with affecting its efficiency

Wood Working Machines

Wood cutting, planning or carving is done with the help of an individual machine for every operation or a combo machine. In both the cases,CG motors are preferred

Chaff Cutter

There is always a need for motor powered chaff cutters (threshers) as the electricity is available even in rural countryside. CG has brought out motors for this application.

Cow Milking Pump Motor

Electrically powered equipment has entered dairy farming in a big way.Cow milking pumps are used for milking even at small dairy establishments with  3-4 animals.

Poultry Cooling Fan

Poultry cooling fans are used for maintaining proper air circulation and temperature. This requires a highly reliable motor to drive the fan blades. CG motors for this application.

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