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We make working at CG an enjoyable experience by providing the right balance between work and fun. Our initiatives like 360 degrees appraisal system and skip level feedback encourage a free flow of communication at all levels. An open-minded approach in all our endeavors is aimed at bringing out the best in you. We have created a very fair and a transparent atmosphere that decides your position only on the basis of merits and not by extraneous factors.

Every organization has its own unique culture. Most organizations don't consciously create a certain culture; instead it is typically created unconsciously, based on the values of the top management or the founders of the organization. Our results today are the outcome of a 'large scale interactive processes under which employees get together on various common platforms and build CG together. 

CG keenly promotes an open culture that encourages feedback. It actively responds to and acts on inputs, for continuous improvement of people, practices and processes. Thus, we have several processes that solicit feedback on weaknesses and areas of improvement on a continuous basis.

What the employees feel about us’ is a matter of utmost concern for us and hence an employee engagement survey is conducted by an external agency at regular intervals to help us understand employee perceptions. The feedback thus received is converted into actions to ensure high level of employee satisfaction.

We strive to provide a stimulating environment backed with high levels of empowerment and recognition. In this energized atmosphere, we share successes while setting new standards of excellence.

This is what our employees tell us:-

What we speak about with pride?


  • Excellent training and learning opportunities.
  • Commitment to excellence in quality and customer service.
  • An ethical, value based approach. 
What makes us stay?
  • Secure careers that offer learning opportunities.
  • Interesting work content / work with cutting edge technology.  
What makes us strive?
  • The search for additional challenges and responsibilities.
  • Growth and the compelling internal need to feel a sense of accomplishment.
What drives success at CG?
  • Performance, performance and more performance.
  • An unbeatable combination of hard work and a keen customer orientation.
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